About Us

Touch Point Media provides a unique product and service to venue owners and rights holders across the sports and recreation sectors by specialising in antimicrobial touchpoint solutions that allow advertisers and sponsors to communicate and promote their message and brand through CTA’s and QR codes.


Touch points are a new media channel that covers areas not traditionally used by advertisers and sponsors – creating a new source of revenue for venues.

Advertisers and sponsors can brand their touch points enabling them to hit KPI’s whether that’s for POS, brand awareness, driving traffic to a particular site or running promotions through CTA’s and QR Codes.

sports advertising
sports advertising

Touch Point Media provides:

A unique and innovative advertising and sponsorship platform that enhances existing media package

Sponsors are able to utilise tactical QR Codes, messaging and CTA’s

Flexible branding space – full colour – high quality printing.

Positive PR

In 2020, the global pandemic brought hygiene into focus and demonstrated the need to incorporate a comprehensive hygiene regime within public spaces to reduce the onward transmission of dangerous pathogens.

The future success of venues and public spaces will hinge on maintaining hygiene standards and reducing the risk to the public. Having your brand and message associated with a hygiene product that creates a safer space, while providing you with a unique marketing tool to generate positive PR demonstrates to both the sponsors and venues your commitment to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the public and employees.

sports advertising

Why Use Touch Point Media:

Touch Point Media provides brand owners and venue operators with a unique opportunity to generate advertising and sponsorship revenues from touch point surfaces across multiple mediums including doors, handles, handrails, stair rails, seat backs, tabletops, touch screens, counter tops and bars – in fact just about any touch point surface you can think of.

The use of touch point media enables brands owners to put their products and services in front of thousands of potential customers every day while also promoting the use of cutting-edge hygiene technology throughout the facility, thereby reassuring both the public and staff that the venue is safe and hygienic to visit.


All frequently touched surfaces provide the perfect medium for the onward transmission from person to person of infectious pathogens.

Touch Point Media’s silver ion hygiene technology breaks the chain of transmission and ensures all touch points remain hygienic and safe to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, enabling the venue to maintain an enhanced hygiene regime thereby meeting health and safety obligations to both their staff and the public.

Additional benefits include a substantial reduction in both cleaning costs and the use of harmful and expensive cleaning fluids which ultimately benefits the environment.

sports advertising
sports advertising

Our Technology

Our products use a Silver Ion (AG+) antimicrobial technology that is proven to reduce the spread of numerous bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2 -H1N1 and HCoV-229E.